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Remaining Steady Through Every Storm – an audio featuring Jeff Carreira

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Audio Description:

In this audio recording Jeff Carreira shares about how we can attain true and lasting equanimity in our meditation practice.

One of the great gifts of spiritual work is the opportunity to cultivate equanimity and inner stability.

Our experiences of awakened awareness give us access to unwavering clarity and profoundly reliable presence of mind. In these moments we discover an inner source of stability that does not move and we intuitively realize that it will hold steady through the inevitable storms and challenges of life.

We long for that unwavering stability to become the foundation of our life and we see our meditation practice as an opportunity to strengthen and deepen it within ourselves. So we practice diligently, holding our attention steady no matter what arises in consciousness hoping to ground ourselves in an awareness that never moves.

In this 8 minute audio clip, Jeff explains why effortful attempts to hold our awareness steady will never give us access to the equanimity we long for. In addition, he shares a small but critical shift in how we approach meditation that will allow us to come to rest in an unwavering source of inner stability that is already there.  

Jeff Carreira
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3 years ago

Thank you for that wonderful metaphor of the ocean liner/maintaing equanimity and the description of spiritual heaviness. Havent ever heard that before and it is really helpful.

Constance Faith DiLego
Constance Faith DiLego
4 years ago

Thank you Jeff. I too am one who has difficulty focusing, or centering or even sitting still, let alone with a quiet mind. But what you’re saying here makes sense. You gave me an image…For just a brief moment or two I could actually see myself as the “me”, or the “I Am” around which all life has circled. I’ve always loved that quote; “wherever you go, there you are” But this time I think I actually GOT it!
I think I’ll climb out of the rowboat. ????
Many thanks.

2 years ago

Join the conversation…this is awesome and well said. thank you Constance and Jeff! a lovely short and sweet audio, beautiful to sit with just upon meditation

4 years ago

Thanks for the beautiful, motivating audio..